TERRY WILSON • stereo artist
Mars. Added, Jan. 16, 2005: an all new selection of Mars images, captured from the NASA website and reworked into phantograms. Each phantogram is an artistically rendered tableau of the the wonderous, virgin Martian landscape. Untouched by man, and even by vegetation or animal, the Martian landscape offers a myriad of almost familiar, yet strange, scenes. Only the wind and chance encounters with asteroids shape the landscape. Low gravity has an effect on the shape of the dunes, unlike any dunes we have on earth. The tracks of the rovers and an occasional glimpse of the Rover itself prove our presence on our neighboring planet, and provide an odd contrast to this otherwise untouched world.

The two Rovers have been transmitting images to earth since January 2004. Stereo cameras are used to help NASA navigate the Rovers, which will continue to send images as long as their solar cells are able to recharge themselves. So far, the Martian wind has kept them clean enough to keep the mission going well past NASA's expectations.

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