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How to View Stereo Images

The StereoView section contains stereo pairs that can be seen in 3D with no special glasses. If you remember the Magic Eye books popular several years ago, you will use the same technique here. Basically, look at the pair of images above, then go into a daydream (i.e. quit thinking about the image), and let your eyes relax. The pair of images should drift apart and superimpose; so you'll see four balls, not two. Now pay attention to what is happening, and control your eyes so the pair of images becomes three images (you may have to 'push' your eyes a little more) and you only see three balls. When the center image is aligned, your brain will lock it into place, and you'll be able to focus on it alone. If you have difficulty in any of the other images here, find a prominent feature in the image, and concentrate on getting that to line up.

When viewing the libraries, keep your mouse positioned on the 'Next' link, and you can page through the series without having to re-focus. Once you learn how to 'freeview', you can freeview the pairs in the banner graphic of this site.

Freeviewing is good eye exercise. Read more about it here.

The Phantogram and Altered Anaglyph sections contain images that need to be viewed with red/cyan glasses. Cardboard red/cyan and red/blue glasses have been widely distributed in recent years with movies, advertising and educational programs. If you do not have any glasses handy, you may order them from me through the store section.

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