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Recycled Pants?
"I read someplace you make these out of recycled pants. Is that true?"
No, it was a misinterpretation a news article mentioning how the TightJacket prototype was made. The original crude TightJacket was jury-rigged from a pair of old stretch tights. From there I purchased remnants of stretch fabric to refine the pattern, finally settling on the current design using brand new spandex fabric.

How many of each pattern do you produce?
It varies depending on availability. We get fabrics from various sources, and sometimes we get the end of a bolt of expensive, name-designer swimsuit fabric, and there might only be enough for three or four TightJackets. This is also why there are so many print choices; we only have a small amount of each fabric.
I saw a fabric I liked, but when I went to order, it disappeared
When you choose your laptop, the website software knows how big to make the TightJacket. The software also knows how much of each fabric is left, and if there's not enough to make a cover for your size laptop, it will not show up in your choices.
Can I wash a TightJacket?
In most cases yes, because they are made of swimsuit material. But wash gently by hand, don't use bleach, and don't wring it. If it is not washable, we will tell you up on the image.
Is it lined?
It is self-lined, meaning the inside and outside are of the same fabric, in a double layer. The inside is also the right side of the fabric and no seams are exposed, so everywhere you look, you see smooth and bright, vibrant fabric.
Shipping Costs?
Within the US, it is $5 for Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Outside the US, it is $8, and $1 for each additional TightJacket. We will ship anywhere in the world.
Do you make them for books?
Sure; anything that's vaguely flat works. Personal journals and diaries cut a nice figure in a TightJacket, and work well for this enclosed type of cover. If you carry a notebook or portfolio with pockets that tend to collect loose papers and business cards, a TightJacket will easily contain it all -- in style! -- so you don't have to commit to a briefcase or carrying bag. Order using By Size.
Do you make them for musical instruments?
A TightJacket would be a good cover for a hard flute case or oboe case (or any flattish rectangular case) to make it look snazzy, and to keep it from accidentally opening, but it wouldn't provide any other protection from shock, moisture, or temperature fluctuations. Order using By Size.
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