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Title   (mouse over for notes and pub. year) Author Keywords Section Format
1000 Facts on Dinosaurs Steve Parker Fossil & Paleontology Book
1000 Facts on Fossils Chris Pellant Fossil & Paleontology Book
1000 Facts on Rocks & Minerals Chris Pellant; Keith Ambrose; Helen Pellant Rock & Mineral Book
6.6 J. Bruce Baumann Earthquakes California Book
A Biology of Lower Invertebrates W. D. Russell-Hunter Fossil & Paleontology Book
A Century of Spirit
Unocal, 1890-1990
Barbara L. Pederson Petroleum California Book
A Checklist of Cabochon Gem Materials and Their Lapidary Features James Lester Cunningham Lapidary Lapidary Arts Book
A Collector's Guide to Granite Pegmatites Vandall T King Rock & Mineral Book
A Collectors Guide to Maine Mineral Localities Thompson, W.B.; Joyner, D.L.; King, V. T.; Woodman, R.G. Maine Field Guides Book
A Crack in the Edge of the World
America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906
Simon Winchester Earthquakes, Plate Tectonics California Book
A Field Manual for the Amateur Geologist
Tools and Activities for Exploring Our Planet
Cvancara; Alan M. Cvancara Earth Science Book
A Journey With Colour Len Cram Australia, Opal Rock & Mineral book
A Key to the Identification of Minerals John Benkart Rock & Mineral Book
A Land in Motion
California's San Andreas Fault
Michael Collier Earthquakes, Geology, Plate Tectonics California Book
A Pictorial Guide to Fossils Gerard Ramon Case Fossil & Paleontology Book
A Systematic Approach to Mineral Identification Betty James Rock & Mineral Book
A Textbook of Mineralogy Edward Salisbury Dana; William E Ford Rock & Mineral Book
Adam's Ancestors
The Evolution of Man and His Culture
Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey Evolution Fossil & Paleontology Book
Advanced Cabochon Cutting Jack R. Cox Lapidary Lapidary Arts Book
2014 Edition
Johann Zenz; Rainer Bode Agates Rock & Mineral Book
Agates III Johan Zenz; Johann Zenz Rock & Mineral Book
The Natural Time Capsule
Andrew Ross Fossil & Paleontology Book
American Triassic Coiled Nautiloids Bernhard Kummel Fossil & Paleontology Book
Ammonites and the Other Cephalopods of the Pierre Seaway
Identification Guide
Neal L. Larson Identification Fossil & Paleontology Book
An Illustrated Guide to Fossil Collecting Ronald Paul Ratkevich; Richard L. Casanova Fossils Fossil & Paleontology Book
An Illustrated Guide to Rocks & Minerals Michael O'Donoghue Rock & Mineral Book
An Illustrated Guide to Rocks & Minerals Michael O'Donoghue Rock & Mineral Book
An Introduction to the Rock-Forming Minerals W. A Deer; William Alexander Deer; R. A Howie; Robert Andrew Howie; J. Zussman Rock & Mineral Book
Ancient Landscapes of the Grand Canyon Region; McKee, Edwin D. Arizona, Geology Field Guides Book
Arid Lands Jake Page; Time-life Earth Science Book
Arizona Gem Fields Duke, Alton Arizona Field Guides Book
Arizona Rocks & Minerals
A Field Guide to the Grand Canyon State
Lynch, Bob Arizona Field Guides Book
Artistry in Cabochons Robert W. Ferguson Design, Lapidary Lapidary Arts Book
Aspects of the Geologic History of the California Continental Borderland Howell, D. G. Geology California Book
Assembling California McPhee, John General Interest, Geology, History California Book
Atmosphere Oliver E Allen; Time-life Weather Earth Science Book
Australian Gemstones in Colour Nance Perry; Ron Perry Australia Rock & Mineral Book
Barren Lands Kevin Krajick Diamonds Rock & Mineral Book
Beasts of the Tar Pits W. W Robinson; Irene B Robinson Children, Fossil, La Brea Tar Pits, Paleontology California Book
Beautiful Coober Pedy
Home of the Desert Opal
Len Cram Australia, Opal Rock & Mineral Booklet
Beautiful Lightning Ridge
100 Years of the World's Most Famous Black Opal Field
Len Cram Australia, Opal Rock & Mineral Booklet
Beliefs, Superstitions and Facts About the Birthstones. Edwin Perry Van Leuven Rock & Mineral Book
Bevel Mounting Freeform Stones Muncher, Joe W. Jewelry Making Lapidary Arts booklet
Birthday Book of Gems Harold Van Pelt; Erica Van Pelt Rock & Mineral Book
Black Opal Fossils of Lighting Ridge Elizabeth Smith; Robert Smith Opal Rock & Mineral Book
Book of Dinosaurs
Scientific American
Gregory S Paul Dinosaurs Fossil & Paleontology Book
Cabochon Cutting Cox, Jack R. Lapidary Lapidary Arts booklet
California Gem Trails
A Field Guide for the Gem Hunter, the Mineral Collector and the Tourist
Henry, Darold John Field Collecting, minerals California Book
California Geology Harden, Deborah Reid Geology California Book
California Ghost Town Trails Broman, M. G; Broman, Mickey; Leadabrand, Russ History California Book
California Gold & Gems Maps Ralph Preston; Monte Preston Prospecting Book
California Gold & Gems Maps Ralph Preston; Monte Preston Prospecting Book
California Rocks!
A Guide to Geologic Sites in the Golden State
Baylor, Katherine J. Geology California Book
California-Nevada Ghost Town Atlas Johnson, Robert Neil History California Book
Camino Cielo Field Trip
Central Sector Of The Santa Ynez Range
Williams, David R. Geology California Book
Cassididae of Western America Hubert G. Schenck Fossil & Paleontology Book
Cenozoic Fossils Ii
The Neogene
Bruce L. Stinchcomb Neogene Fossil & Paleontology Book
Cephalopods of the Genus "aturia" From Western North America, By Hubert G. Schenck Hubert G. Schenck Fossil & Paleontology Book
Chain and Bead Jewelry Geometric Connections
A New Angle on Creating Dimensional Earrings, Bracelets, and Necklaces
Plumlee, Scott David Jewelry Making, Wire work Lapidary Arts Book
Chain Maille Jewelry Workshop
Techniques and Projects for Weaving With Wire
Karon, Karen Jewelry Making, Wire work Lapidary Arts Book
The History of Colorado's Climax Molybdenum Mine
Voynick, Stephen M. Colorado Field Guides Book
Coachella Valley Desert Trails
The Salton Sea Saga, and the Romance and Sex Life of the Date
Shields, Floyd; Gardens, Shields Date; Shields, Bess M.; Shields, E. Floyd General Interest California Book
Coal Age Fossils From Mazon Creek Frank Morton Carpenter Illinois Fossil & Paleontology Book
Coast To Coast Gem Atlas Field Guides Book
Coastal Southern California Sharp, Robert P Geology California Book
Collecting Fluorescent Minerals Stuart L Schneider Fluorescent Minerals Book
Collecting Minerals in Michigan Kelley, Robert W.; Hardenberg, Harry J. Michigan Field Guides Book
Collector's Guide to the Epidote Group Robert J. Lauf Epidope Rock & Mineral book
Collector's Guide to the Mica Group Robert J. Lauf Mica Rock & Mineral book
Collector's Guide to the Pyroxene Group R. J Lauf Jade Rock & Mineral Book
Collector's Guide to the Tourmaline Group R. J Lauf Tourmaline Rock & Mineral Book
Colorado Gold Stephen M. Voynick Prospecting Book
Colorado Rockhounding
A Guide to Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils
Voynick, Stephen M. Field Guides Book
Colored Diamonds John M King Diamonds Rock & Mineral Book
Colored Gemstones
The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide : How to Select, Buy, Care for & Enjoy Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, and Other Colored Gems With Confidence and Knowledge
Matlins, Antoinette Leonard Gemstones Lapidary Arts Book
Common Fossil Plants of Western North America William D. Tidwell Plant Fossils Fossil & Paleontology Book
Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates. Second Edition. Theodore H Eaton Fossil & Paleontology Book
Complete Metalsmith, The
An Illustrated HandBook
McCreight, Tim Jewelry Making, Silversmithing Lapidary Arts Book
Contemp Costume Jewelry
A Multimedia Approach
Sommer, Elyse Jewelry Making Lapidary Arts book
Continents in Collision Russell Miller; Time-Life Books; Time-life Plate Tectonics Earth Science book
Continents in Motion Walter Sullivan Plate Tectonics Earth Science Book
Creative Casting
Jewelry - Silverware - Sculpture
Choate, Sharr Jewelry Making, Silversmithing Lapidary Arts book
Crystal Cave Frank R. Oberhansley; Sequoia Natural History Association Caving California Booklet
Dana's Manual of Mineralogy Cornelius S Hurlbut; James Dwight Dana Rock & Mineral Book
Dana's Minerals and How to Study Them. Cornelius S Hurlbut; Edward Salisbury Dana; W. Edwin Sharp Rock & Mineral Book
Death Valley
The Facts
Willie Arthur Chalfant California Book
Desert Gem Trails Mary Frances Strong desert, Field Guides California Book
Desert Wild Flowers Edmund Carroll Jaeger California Book
Designing And Making Hand Wrought Jewelry Shoenfelt, Joseph F. Design, Jewelry Making, Silversmithing Lapidary Arts book
Dewitte Hagar's Handbook Of Rocks And Gems Hagar, Dewitte Gemstones, Minerals Lapidary Arts book
Diamond Inclusions Peters, Nizam; Cutting, American Institute of Diamond; Inc, A.I.D.C. Diamonds Lapidary Arts Book
Diamonds...Famous, Notable, & Unique Copeland Diamonds Rock & Mineral
Digital Mineral Photography John H. Betts Photography Rock & Mineral
Dinosaur Hagood Utah Fossil & Paleontology Book
Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Reptiles of California Richard P. Hilton; Ken Kirkland Fossil, Paleontology California Book
Drilling Through Time William Rintoul; Susan F Hodgson California Book
Earth Science
A Study of a Changing Planet
Daley; Robert B. Daley; W. John Higham; George F. Matthias Earth Science Book
Earth Treasures
The Southwestern Quadrant
Eckert, Allan W. Field Guides Book
Earth Treasures
Where to Collect Minerals, Rocks and Fossils in the United States: the Northern Section
Eckert, Allan W. Field Guides Book
Earthquake Bryce S Walker; Time-life Plate Tectonics Earth Science Book
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