Tool Cases and Other Things

A little background. In 1975, I complained to Bob Gilbert, owner of RDG, Inc., that you couldn't buy a decent wallet-sized case for your reedmaking tools. "You design a good one, and I'll buy your first dozen," he told me.

Today, our zippered leather case (in two sizes) along with our original reed soaker, continues to be an important component of the double-reed player's arsenal. The compact soft case holds everything you need, and is attractive enough to take onto the concert stage. Never again feel insecure at a performance without your tools, or bored in a rehearsal without a batch of reeds to scrape. You'll also want our other original item, the reed soaker, to keep your water within easy reach, off the floor. And a nice piece of our original sterling silver jewelry completes the ensemble.

I am both an artist and an oboist. Everything here is produced by Terry Wilson Tool Cases, and except for the seat strap, they are all original designs. Many of our products are carried by double reed suppliers, but the reed boxes and t-shirts are available only directly from us.

--Terry Wilson