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Will you update my pages for me?
Sure, in addition to offering a website analysis and optimization, we can also maintain your pages if you don't have the time or interest to do that. It is essential to have freshen your website as often as possible; at the very minimum, quarterly. You will, however, need to be an active participant in this, as you know more about your business than anyone. With your input via email exchanges, we can update your website on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

I’m not sure what should go on my website. Can you help me out with that
You want to have good, useful information, but not so much that it overwhelms the visitor. If you currently have a brochure, that’s a good starting point. Basically you want to tell people what you sell or services you offer, give them information on the business and the people running it, how to contact you, recent news or projects you’ve been working on, testimonials, and information about your terms and policies. A links or resources page for related sites is good to have too.

Can you figure out my content for me?
If you have something written, but you need it checked, corrected, proofread, condensed or otherwise edited, Terryfic.com can do that. If you need help writing, we can refer a professional writer do that for an hourly rate.

So if someone types in [whatever you are selling], it will come up in Google?
Search engine placement is a delicate art. We refine your opening page to be rich with relevant content so the search engines will index words people will search on. Search engines eventually inspect every site on the internet, including yours. Having the search engine look at your site isn't the end of the story, however; your site has to be judged favorable in the eyes of a search engine in order to get high placement. There are many factors that go into getting your site ranked high in the search engines, not just page content. Consider also how you promote your site, whether you advertise, who you link to, who links to you, and so forth. We will discuss with you strategies you can use; however search engine optimization (SEO) isn't one of the services offered here.

How should I provide you information?
All communications should be done via email, so there is a record. Telephoned information is easily misunderstood, and evaporates as soon as the spoken words are over. It's fine to speak on the phone and nail down details, but please, email with instructions and important information like dates, phone numbers, addresses, people's names, etc.

For documents, a text file is the best format unless the formatting is super important. In that case, send BOTH, text and .doc files. To make a text file in Word, save as ASCII text and attach that to an email, or open it and copy and paste it into an email. Please bear in mind that any formatting done by Word has to be stripped out and redone for the internet, as the internet uses a different method of formatting. If you send me a heavily formatted document without an accompanying plain text document, it will just take us more time to clean it up on our end.

I want to put documents on my site. Do you make PDF files?
Yes, we can generate web-friendly pdf files for you. Give us your files in Word, Quark, or InDesign and we will save them for the web and see to it that they are linked up properly.

I have a great idea for a website that will make a million bucks easily. Will you work the site in exchange for a split of the revenue?
Sorry; we are not looking for partnerships.

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