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My other focus is on photography. If you need product photography or business head shots, please contact me to open a dialog (I will need to know specifics before quoting).

Business Portraits. If you are in business, you should have a decent photo of yourself on hand. I am available to shoot individuals at group events for a great cost saving. This makes a good annual event for business or networking groups. Contact me for more information.

I love to make people look great. I begin by posing and lighting you to take advantage of your best features. Next, my Photoshop skills come into play, as I reveal the beauty and good looks inherent to you by minimizing skin flaws and wrinkles. You are recognized by your facial structure and expressions, not by blemishes, crow's feet, and bad hair days. The final portrait shows you as you truly are, not like you often appear in a snapshot taken at an inopportune time with poor lighting.

Product Photography. Well lit and clear photos, with appropriate background, are a must for catalogs and internet stores. Contact me if you need this service.

Stock Photography. I shoot stock photography as well, and you can see my work at iStockPhoto. If you are interested in business head shots mentioned above, we may be able to barter this service in exchange for a model release and some time to shoot you or your group for stock photography.

If you have existing photos that need image editing, I can help you out there as well.

I addition to commercial photography, I enjoy working in stereo photography. I have a site just for that: Terryfic3D.com

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